Much continues to be written in the news about the spread of West Nile Virus across the nation but little has been done to address the adverse health affects to pesticides. No group or agency in Connecticut has addressed  tracking these health affects.

The general population is not aware of the health risks of pesticided exposures and often do not connect a physical symptom with an exposure.  We need to begin collecting information to help educate others that there indeed are serious health reactions to pesticides.  We need to document these health affects.  ECHO is starting to collect preliminary informaion through a short Pesticide Incident Report Form

The results will be shared with legislators and publilc officials.  ANONYMITY WILL BE RESPECTED and only cumulative data wll be shared. The questionnaire and the results will also be available on the ECHO and GRASSROOTS Web sites.  Feel free to share this questionnaire with others who may have had a health reaction to pesticides.

Pleas fill out one form for each each incident and for each family member that has had a health reaction to pesticides and send to ECHO via snail mail  at
Pesticide Registry
PO Box 8232,
Berlin, CT 06037
or e-mail to  Thank you for sharing!
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