Long Warf Theatre, (222 Sargent Drive, NewHaven, CT 06511 - Phone: 203787-4284) posted the following Golden Rule of theatre etiquette in its Playbill: 1) Go easy with the atomizer; many people are highly allergic to perfume and cologne. Our thanks to Doug Hughes at Long Wharf Theatre and Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre Company for this fine exhortation to audience members. ECHO thanks Connie Holbrook, ECHO Board member. for this information. 1/8/99

CT Dept. of Labor Central Office in Wethersfield has designated 6 handicapped restrooms as "fragrance-free areas" at the direction of its Director of Facilities Patrick Tellarita. Tellarita acted on a request from DOL's Health and Safety Committee. A member stated, "We think that everyone will agree that some fragrances, such as perfumes, aerosols, or air fresheners, can be pretty potent." "And as anyone with allergies can attest, reactions to some of them can be rather unpleasant." According to Extra, the DOL newsletter, "Committee members also want to send a friendly reminder to all other DOL employees: ëWhen using such fragrances - regardless of where you are in this agency, please do so sparingly, keeping in mind the that other people might find fragrances a health hazard,'" Bois said." Mary Bois is a Health and Safety Committee member. Other members include Carol Censki, Joseph Trotta, Steven Dombrowski, Gloria Cournoyer, Bill Reggio and Richard Palo. Regional representatives are Janet Wilson, Mary Lackovic, Thomas Doyle, Richard Bowden, Lori Hansen and Paul Galick. Kudos from ECHO to all these fine Connecticut Department of Labor Health and Safety Committee members. [ From Extra, 12/11/98 newsletter, Paul Oates editor. 200 Folly Brook Blvd., Wethersfield, CT 860/566-4374] 1/9/99

Dr. Barry Elson, (52 Maplewood Shops, Northampton, Massachusetts 01060; phone 413/584-7787) Our welcome letter to all new patients states: "We must emphasize and request that you avoid using any scented products whenever you visit our office (perfumes, colognes, oils, hair products, etc.)...Be sure to advise anyone accompanying you of this policy." The sign on our front door states: "As a courtesy to others, please avoid wearing scented products while in our office." Our office has air purifiers throughout; we do not use latex gloves; we've used special paints and sealants, and have taken many precautions to avoid exposing people to chemical fumes. Thanks to office manager Valerie Sullivan for providing this valuable information and thanks to Dr. Elson for providing a safe office. 1/11/99

Eva Salzer, Chiropractor, New England Holistic Health Center, 155 Sycamore Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033 (860/659-3553). Signage in her office reads, " Many of our patients have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Out of respect for them, we ask that your refrain from using products with strong odors (perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, etc.) when coming to the office. Thank You."

Center For the Healing Arts and Medical Director Dr. Robban Sica, Boston Post Rd., Orange CT (203/799-7733) posted signage saying,"Anyone wearing PERFUME/ COLOGNE/ HAIRSPRAY or Who Has Been Recently Exposed To Smoke Is Not Allowed InThis Office Due To Our Chemically Sensitive Patients." ECHO thanks Patty Shea, IV nurse, for this information.

TOXIC ACTION CENTER, 41 S. Main St., Suite 5, West Hartford CT 06107 conference registration for October 24, 1998 for "CT Toxic Action ë98 - Building A Network" says, "This is a "fragrance-free" event. Please avoid wearing fragrances, as well as essential oils and natural oils."

ADACC- Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition of Connecticut, Inc.,(P.O. Box 4098 Hartford CT 06147-4098, 860/297-4383 or e-mail adacc@earthlink.net) conference brochure on "The ADA, Employment, and People with Hidden Disabilities," for October 16, 1998 asks, "This is a fragrance-free event. In deference to participants with multiple chemical sensitivities, please refrain from using perfume, after shave or other scented products."

Office of Protection and Advocacy for People With Disabilities Fall Disability Non-Profit Training Series Oct. 7, Oct. 21, Nov. 2, Nov. 14, Nov. 19, and Dec. 3, (60B Weston St., Hartford CT 06120-1551; 860/297-4323), notes: "Please refrain from wearing fragrances and other scented products."

ConnectiCOSH Conference, October 16, 1998 on "Preventing Violence/Assault Stress on the Job", (COSH 77 Huyshope Ave., Hartford, CT 06106 860/549-1877) registration brochure says, "Please refrain from wearing perfumes, after shave lotions, etc. to accommodate persons with chemical sensitivities.

CT Coalition for Environmental Justice Conference on "Asthma in the African American and Latino Communities,Nov. 14 in North Haven, call 860/548-1133 or write P.O. Box 1421, Hartford CT 06143. This is advertised as "FRAGRANCE FREE -Please no perfumes or scented deodorants.

Community Works of Connecticut Board Meeting announcement says, "FRAGRANCE-FREE" - Rosie Stanko, Ex. Director, 621 Farmington Ave., Hartford, CT 06105-2903, phone 860/231-2414.

Toxic Action Center, 29 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111 conference Nov. 14, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 617/292-4821, Matt Wilson Director. "Protecting Our Communities: A Western Massachusetts Environmental Organizing Conference," brochure says, "This is a "fragrance-free" event. Please avoid wearing fragrances, as well as essential oils and natural oils."


Ecological Health Organization, Inc.
PO Box 8232
Berlin, Connecticut 06037
(570) 472-0374      ECHOMCSCT@aol.com

We SALUTE YOU!!!" is a new feature in THE ECHO and on the ECHO website to acknowledge organizations, doctors, businesses, agencies, or events who recognize the need for access by people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and show their support of an MCS healthy and safe environment including "Perfume and Fragrance-free" accommodations.

If you see a doctor, business, organization, agency or event recognizing the access needs of people with MCS, please let ECHO know and we will add them to our website and acknowledge their efforts on our behalf in the next issue of the ECHO newsletter. If you would like to be acknowledged for submitting an item, please let us know.

ECHO thanks everyone for helping raise awareness of the needs of people with MCS for a safe and accessible environment.

Environmental Health Coalition of Western Massachusetts for New Fragrance Brochure     has published a new brochure on the health hazards of fragrances.  You can order copies with check payable to: EHCWM/ISIS, PO Box 614 Leverett,
MA 01054.  Cost is $3 for 10; $6.50 for 25; $12 for 50; $22 for 100; $52 for
250; and $100 for 500. [Congratulations and thanks Peggy Wolff for developing
this valuable brochure and providing copies to ECHO.]

Brigham and Women's Hospital 
Brigham and Women's Hospital Statement of  Policy on Perfumes for the
Personnel  Policy Manual Fragrance-Controlled Workplace VII-110            
www.brighamandwomens.org    Contact:  Mary Burns, Human Resource
Generalist Partners Healthcare, Brigham and Women's Hospital;
E-mail:Mburns3@partners.org  Phone: 617-525-3108; Fax:617-277-1263  [Sent via
E-mail from Alison Johnson and Larry Plumlee, M.D.]
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has a registry
dedicated to chemically sensitive individuals.  The DEP website is:
To register you must provide the names and addresses of your neighbors to DEP
as above.  Pesticide contractors are required to check the registry database
prior to applying pesticides and must notify any person listed on the
registry.  The DEP website also states, "Prior to performing ground spraying,
the DEP will notify everybody listed on the database in the area of scheduled
spraying." [DEP Mosquito Management Program.]


Brigham & Womens


Governor Rell

Center for Healing Arts

Community Works of Connecticut



CT Dept Of Labor

CT Office of Protection & Advocacy

CT Coalition for
Environmental Justice


Dr. Barry Elson

Long Warf Theatre

E. Salzer, Chiropractor

Toxic Action Center

Toxic Action Center-Ma