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ECHO LINKS- Click Here
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Chemical Injury Information Network

Chemical Injury Net



Ecological Health Alliance-Canada   

Environment & Human Health, Inc.

Environmental Health Network

CHE Collaborative on Health & Environment

Connecticut Nurses Association

State of Connecticut

CT Dept  of  Public Health

CT Dept of Environmental Protection

Environmental Health Policy Committee - Other Environmental Health Links

FM, CFS, & MCS:  What Do They Have in Common?

HealthCare Without Harm

HEAL of Southern AZ:  What is MCS?

Links for MCS Resources

MCS/EI/CI Information


MCS Canadian Sources

MCS Canary in the Coal Mine

MCS General Information & Description

MCS Global

MCS Heightened Senses Network

MCS Help Site

MCS New York City

MCS Referral & Resources

MCS Survivors Resources

MCS From a Child’s Perspective

MCS International


MICAGO Declaration

MICAGO Member List

National Academy Press: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (1992)

North Carolina Chemical Injury Network

Our Little Place MCS Links & Resources

PACE (Protect All Children’s Environments)

Paladin:  MCS the Poisoned Web

Resources for the Chemically Injured

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation Support Groups

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation

The Environmental Illness Resource

The Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals

The Voice of MCS

Washington State MCS Network

Washington Toxics Coalition

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